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Albert Einstein in Person

Al E laughing wo border cropppedThe year 2015 was the 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which he presented to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin in November 1915. George Capaccio’s one-person performance as Albert Einstein is a great way for audiences to learn about this extraordinary individual and the ideas that have revolutionized physics and forever changed how we understand space, time and gravity. If you’ve ever used GPS to find your way, then you’ve experienced the principles behind Einstein’s theory of relativity. George’s interactive two-part show — Albert Einstein: Relatively Speaking and Albert Einstein: Reluctant Superstar — brings the great scientist down to earth and makes his ideas accessible to young and old. Here’s a video clip of George as Albert:

Either part can be scheduled separately. Part one (Relatively Speaking) emphasizes Einstein’s early life, his formative influences, and the ground-breaking scientific discoveries that made him a global celebrity. Part two (Reluctant Superstar) explores Einstein’s middle and later years when he used his well-deserved fame to win a wider acceptance of his theories, and to promote humanitarian causes he passionately believed in. In Part two, George, as Einstein, reveals the circumstances that made him a target of the growing anti-Semitic movement in Germany and eventually forced him to flee his homeland and come to America as a refugee. Part two also presents Einstein’s commitment to issues of social justice and worldwide disarmament during the final decades of his life.

Some Comments about George’s Portrayal

“Hi, fellow programmers and activity directors,

“This is Krissy Fleming, the Senior PurposeFULL Living Coordinator at North Hill in Needham. I really want to share with you how much the residents here LOVED George’s portrayal of Albert Einstein. Not only was his acting superb, but the content of his show was interesting and factually accurate.

“If you want something a little bit different for your independent living residents — that will hold their interest and delight them — this show will do it!

“I loved seeing all the people flock to the stage at the end of the performance to talk to George.

“Have more questions? Give me a call at 781-433-6340.”

Thank you,


“The Warwick Arts Council wants to express its appreciation for your tremendous performance on Saturday night. You wowed them! The ideas, stories, accent were enchanting and really made us feel like we were in the presence of Einstein.”

Tom Wyatt, Arts Council Member

“George, I want to express my thanks for your recent portrayal of Einstein at our campus. This was a special event intended to supplement my summer physics course. As in past years, my students learn the basics of relativity theory. This summer, however, they were able to learn, through your performance, about the man behind this theory. It humanized the science and gave them a historical perspective on Einstein’s work, his personal story, and the challenges he overcame.

“You indeed have an uncanny ability to draw the audience into Einstein’s study for a visit with this great historical figure. It was a moving story interlaced with Einstein’s humor and genius. Thank you again for contributing to my students’ education and a successful campus program.”

Best regards,

Dr. Howard Winston, Assistant, Professor in Residence, Physics and Engineering, University of Connecticut

“George Capaccio premiered his one-person performance of Albert Einstein at the Walpole Public Library on the evening of April 6, 2015. He was outstanding! He kept a large audience in rapt attention, including some pre-teens, for more than an hour. He assumed the persona of Albert Einstein, Time magazine’s ‘Man of the Century,’ recounting his youth in several European countries, his failed marriage, his Nobel Prize, and especially his ‘special’ and ‘general’ theories of relativity — all the while speaking in his native accent. He was both insightful and funny. One member of the audience came up to me and said we (the library) should have him back. And a youngster told one of the library staff afterward that Albert Einstein was his favorite person. High praise indeed. Needless to say, I couldn’t have been more pleased.”

Frank Quinn, Program Committee, Friends of the Walpole Public Library




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